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Our Stretch Patch Ambassador Program is designed to provide the opportunity to network and create lasting relationships with women from all over the USA. If you are interested in gaining real world experience working for The StretchPatch brand, making lifelong connections with other motivated women, and with the help of our headquarters, learning valuable skills in business, marketing, and social media... this might be the perfect opportunity for you!

TheStretchPatch is a woman created product proudly marketed by a woman owned and led business.

Here are the top 7 reasons to become a Stretch Patch Ambassador:

  1. Make money working about 15 hours a week from the comfort of your home
  2. Help fellow women to gain back their skin confidence
  3. Impress future employers with real sales experience
  4. Meet new people at your local area, make friends
  5. Gain valuable connections as a member of the SPAP team
  6. Commission is based on the number of orders you complete, so the harder you work the more you make
  7. Learn valuable skills in business, marketing, and social media

If you want to be in charge of going out and creating your own opportunities for success, instead of waiting around for them, being a Stretch Patch Ambassador might be right for you! With an hourly job, you'd be paid the same amount no matter how hard you work.

Working on 20% commission, there's no cap on the amount you can make.

Here is more about TheStretchPatch that is helping women to gain back their skin confidence:

If that sounds right for you, find out the details below or APPLY NOW!


This is a commission only, independent distributor position, requiring a minimum commitment of 15 hours a week.

Stretch Patch Ambassadors work hard and take their jobs seriously, because the harder they work, the more money they make.

Being successful revolves around three main activities:

  1. Reach out and obtain clients in your local area physically or virtually.
  2. Communicate with TheStretchPatch team and to make sure each client's order details are perfect.
  3. Lead clients through the product education and order process from start to finish.


Keep The StretchPatch team informed on your progress and future plans, and maintaining a record of leads/clients safe and with integrity. Developing and executing new sales strategies. Managing your own time and initiating 100% of your projects.


Must be outgoing and persistent (not pushy), with interest and skill in networking/sales. Must be highly motivated to earn, and able to work independently. Must be able to learn on the job and take instruction through digital formats.


In order to become a Stretch Patch Ambassador and earn 20% of all final sales you make, we need to know that you are seriously interested, hence you must PURCHASE your first pack of the Mild StretchPatch (mandatory), upon being satisfied with the product, leave a positive review on our Ebay page, return your signed Independent Distributor Agreement, and start receiving your special code that will give 20% off for your customers and tracks your personal sales. To make your first order easy we will send you 20% off code that you can use at check out for yourself. This code only works on our website, this code does not track your sales, so please don't use it for your customers.

Apply to become a StretchPatch Ambassador
Receive Independent Distributor agreement and special 20% of code for you

Review the agreement
Purchase and try the StretchPatch

Leave your review on Ebay and return your signed agreement

Receive your special code that gives 20% off for your customers




Example: You sell 200 packs of StretchPatch through your special 20% off promo code, you just earned $1,246.40!

We pay you in physical checks that are mailed to you for the sales generated (or PayPal if that is more convenient for you) - not in a store credit. When someone uses your special coupon code at checkout (make sure you clearly instruct them to do so), you will be notified with an email that is generated only for you. This will include the transaction and its details, which we will pay based on your 20% commission rate. Payouts are bi-weekly.

If that sounds right for you, APPLY NOW!

If you already have a built out network of clients, or you are an experienced consultant and you would like to purchase TheStretchPatch to resell on a discounted wholesale price in larger quantities, please contact us here:

We look forward to working with you!

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